Keeping The Books offers a full range of affordable bookkeeping services both on- and off-site depending on your needs. We are the perfect solution for businesses that require timely bookkeeping, but without the bother and expense of hiring full-time staff.

Accounts payable, accounts receivable
Quick and efficient invoicing and bill payment.

Bank reconciliations
Reconcile bank accounts monthly with your books.

Preparation of financial statements
Computerized generation of monthly packages, or on an as needed basis, including balance sheet, income, cash flow and profit and loss statements.

Payroll services for staffs of 5 or less
Preparation and filing of federal and state payroll taxes and required reports, as well as issuing paychecks and maintaining payroll records.

Organization of records for your accountant
Work in conjunction with your accountant to organize your records and provide detailed information, enabling fast, accurate tax preparation.